KEEP Tutors is a leading tutor recruitment agency, run by professional educationists, highly and most widely rated on Google, with 20+ Years of teaching experience.
KEEP offers professional customer service, with rigorous tutor profiling, teacher certification programs and a structured tutor database to help our clients find the best tutor within 24 hours.
KEEP Tutors caters to tuitions at home, online or in a group. We operate in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Hyderabad.

Registration Fee Rs.1,000/-
• This is a non-refundable annual fee.

Getting Tuition
• Registered tutors will receive tuition inquiries by SMS/WhatsApp message. We also post on our Facebook and Google Maps.
• The candidate earliest to respond and/or the most suitable (according to the tuition’s requirement) tutor will be provided tuition details.
• Tutors who don’t respond/update KEEP TUTORS after getting tuition details will stop receiving further tuition.

Securing Tuition
• Tutor must contact the client as soon as the tuition detail is shared.
• Tutor must visit for a free demo class in case of Home Tuitions / give a free demo session in case of Online Tuitions. Follow the commitment of time and go well prepared.
• Tuition fee, days, timings must be fixed in the demo session and must be informed by the tutor to KEEP TUTORS.

Commission Policy
• 50% commission from first month’s tuition fee – if the tuition is a long-term service (more than 1 month)
• 35% commission from tuition fee – if the tuition is a short-term service (less than 1 month – even if it is of 1 hour)
• 35% commission from first month’s tuition fee – if the tuition is related to قرآن Quran (Nazra/Tajweed/Hifz)

Payment Collection
• KEEP TUTORS will collect the first fee in advance from the client by the 3rd day of commencement of the tuition.
• KEEP TUTORS will deliver the fee, after deducting commission amount, to the tutor after month end.
• In case of cancellation of tuition within this period, tuition fee will be deducted according to the commission policy.

Let’s KEEP it Clear!
• KEEP TUTORS will have all the rights to cancel tutor registration and blacklist the tutor, in case of violation of any of the above-mentioned clauses.
• KEEP TUTORS will not be responsible for any trouble caused by clients to the tutors (male or female), also will not be liable to resolve issues in case of any unfortunate event.
• KEEP TUTORS may change for the better the policies and inform the tutors accordingly.


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