Preparation Tips for IELTS Exam in Pakistan & Middle East

Being non-native English speakers, Pakistanis and Arabic speakers face challenges for preparing their IELTS exam. Obviously the IELTS aspirants in Pakistan and Middle East do not know the crux of IELTS exam; neither are they very well versed in all four areas of communication. The word IELTS stands for the system known as International English Language System.

The test contains following assessment:

  • Speaking English
  • Reading English
  • Listening and Understanding English Speakers
  • Writing the Basic English

In the test the scores are from 1 to 9. The highest grade for an individual is 9 while 1 is the least of all. Whether the test is given to study in a foreign university or for a proper job the candidate should score 7 or more than it to pass the conducted test. For good scoring; the candidate should get prepared early for IELTS and practice to increase the chances to pass with outstanding results.

Demystifying Exam Composition of IELTS

IELTS (International English Language Test System) is the most commonly and widely accepted international standardized English test for non-native English language speakers. IELTS is the mandatory test required for immigrating to different parts of the world.

Classification of Modules

IELTS is generally classified into two main sections:

1. Academic Section

This section emphasizes on those who sought to learn at a tertiary level and for those who want professional registration.

2. General Training Section

This section emphasizes on those who want to immigrate to Europe, Australia, America, Canada or any other English speaking country.

Parts of Assessment

IELTS Test is usually classified into four different parts:

1. Reading: This part examines the readability of a aspirant appearing for IELTS test. It is based on three different sections and a total reading paragraphs in between 2150-2750 words. Part 1 includes two or three short summary that manages every day life. Part 2 incorporates two different texts that is based on professional and job-related content. Part 3 incorporates one long extensive text that relates with a subject or topic of the general text.

2. Listening: This part examines the listening ability. It comprises of four different areas which relates with social, educational and training situations. Conversations are done between two individuals in different cases and can be done in more than two people as well. The aspirant is supposed to listen to the conversations and comprehend every bit of it.

3. Speaking: This is the most vital part of IELTS Test. The speaking section is made between the examiner and the aspirant. It contains three main areas. The first area deals with a general interview about the candidate. After that, a specific topic is provided to the aspirant to speak about as part of the second area. The third area relates with a discussion where the examiner put forth questions about the subject speech by the aspirant.

4. Writing: The writing part has two primary tasks in it. The aspirant is asked to complete both within the available time-frame. It incorporates writing about topics and subjects of general/normal interest, answering to letters in daily life, explaining a chart or diagram etc.

Preparation Tips for IELTS Aspirants

Start the study at-least two months before Test due-date

When a student is willing to proceed with IELTS he should make sure to start preparing for his test before two months of his test date. For English speakers and those who are good at English the preparation period might vary. But for non-native Arabs and Pakistanis who are struggling in English communication proficiency the period should be at least two months. This method will help the student to increase his chances to get good scores in the test and would not have to take the test again. For more skills and confirmation individual can take online test also. Scoring in IELTS over 7 bands is needed in most of the immigration requirement and university admissions.

Get yourself prepared without any burden of the test

The individual should make him/her ready for the test properly. The most important thing is to not to overburden himself for the test. Students should stay calm and think about the goal to achieve high score in the test. The IELTS writing task, sample papers and exercises are available which are also helpful to overcome the stress, burden and to boost confidence among students aspiring for IELTS.

Overcome the weaknesses and believe in your own strength

The most important thing to achieve success is to get rid of the weakness and try to overcome them. A student should consider his strength which will help him to decide his goal for future. For this he can use past papers for more information.

Following is the example of overcoming weakness:

If a student is good at writing and reading English but have difficulty in speaking and listening, then he should focus on his accent and give more time in listening and trying to speak the language for his test. Students can also get help through consuming listening exercises or listening test online. IELTS Tutors will be of phenomenal importance in improving writing, communicating, listening and speaking skills.

Keep Tutors Academy

Help from Tutors and IELTS books

Nowadays many resources are available for preparation. Among these important resources are IELTS professional tutors and guidance books. The tutor will pay special attention to students’ weak areas and try to help student improve the weak areas whereas the books contains exercises and activities so to help students empowering their communication skills. Keep Tutors IELTS tuition services are available in Karachi, Islamabad and virtually in other major cities of Pakistan.

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Keep Tutors Tuition Academy Provides Professional IELTS Tutors

IELTS has become the most competitive and widely accepted language test in today’s world. The importance of a home tutor or a group tutor cannot be denied in IELTS preparation especially in third world countries like Pakistan. The tutors help students identifying the areas where they need to work or practice more. The tutors will also help students to find the rights resources for themselves. Keep Tutor’s IELTS tutoring aims at providing the best in class IELTS tutoring in a click away.

Right now; Keep Tutors are providing IELTS tuition services in Karachi and Islamabad and working to expand the scope of IELTS tuition services in Lahore, Peshawar, Hyderabad, Quetta and other major cities in Pakistan. However online IELTS tuition services are available in all cities of Pakistan and even in other countries like United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia (KSA), Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and others. We have many success stories from our services regarding IELTS preparation in Karachi.

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