Why should you try home and online tuitions?

home tuition

KEEP News   •   June 29, 2016

Online education
  1. Study from home
  2. A flexible schedule
  3. Choose your home or online tutor from vast options
  4. A faster learning process
  5. Affordable classes

There are many prejudices about online tutoring and home tuitions generally: the tuitions are of poor quality, the students are not motivated, there is absolutely no contact with the teacher etc. But these myths are fading more and more from the minds, and this is very good news! Nowadays, the number of people registered to an online course is multiple times bigger than when the concept started. The tuitions via webcam are developing quickly and this is because they offer some major advantages, despite what we could think.

But first and foremost, taking online private tuitions, what does it mean?

If you ever want to get up to speed on whatever subject or learn something new and you decide to do it on the Internet, you only need a computer, internet access, and a webcam. Finding your private online tutor online is extremely easy:

  • Give us a call at 033-5337-5337 (033 KEEP KEEP)
  • Discuss with us your different needs, such as the level, timing, special requirement of female or male tutor, or the pricing.
  • Contact your teacher through the number provided by us to book a trial home tutor class,
  • If for any reason you do not feel comfortable with our first teacher, you can call us back with your feedback and we will arrange with you replacement teacher.

Then, when it is time to meet up, you both log in on the platform and do the class through Zoom, Skype or other website/software, in the same way as for a normal course. Once the lesson is over, you may have some homework to do, some recommendations and you will set the date and time of the next meeting. You learn at your own pace with a qualified teacher on your side, whilst enjoying a flexible distance learning.

Discover the 5 reasons to take tuitions online!

1. Study from home

Online courses mean courses at home. Therefore, you are in your comfort zone, in a place where you feel comfortable and confident. It will obviously have an impact on the education received, but not a bad one as one may think. Being in an environment that inspires safety gives us confidence, especially in such a context where you could quickly feel uncomfortable in front of a teacher you don’t know.

In addition, taking online tuitions at home increases the motivation to learn, because it is a funnier and more inspiring way, with the use of the computer and interactive tools. In fact, it is much less academic so it simply induces the pupil to study.

But following a distance course is, first and foremost, time and energy saving, no more commute by bus or car, no more traffic or delay issues etc. You can remove the efforts and unexpected events: you just turn your computer on and to sit very comfortably on your sofa to begin.

2. A flexible schedule

It is always hard to agree on a time window. Therefore, the flexibility of the schedule is what pushes the students as well as the teachers to go for classes on the internet. You have a broader choice of availabilities.

It can be after your lectures at university or work, during your lunch break, on the weekend or anytime you have a free hour, even if it is last minute etc.

But the main benefit is being able to take the lesson from wherever you want, according to your schedule: in a coffee shop, at home, at work… and even abroad when you are on vacations! Indeed, you only need a computer or a tablet and internet access to follow your distance private tuitions!

For the parents, that’s one less burden: no need to run to get your child from school to be on time for the lesson. Online tutoring allows you to set the time of the courses whenever it suits you and according to the needs of your kid!

This system is extremely flexible and very well adapted to both the student and the teacher’s schedule.

3. Find a private online tutor online

Finding a private online tutor online has never been easier! Indeed, there is no border with distance learning: the location of the course is no longer an issue from now on.

Everyone has a teaching method that suits them and it can be very different from a person to another. For this reason, it can be hard to find the right tutor, with the right pedagogy. whenever you are looking for home tuition. However, this choice is easier if you are willing to take classes on the internet. The perfect teacher for you can live across the world, for instance, but it does not matter because you will still be able to take classes with him.

Thus, thanks to the choice of teachers, taking online tuitions allows reaching your goals more efficiently, whether it is for an exam, a specific event or a trip etc.

4. A way to progress faster

Unlike the group courses, you can move at your own pace thanks to the teacher on your side.

The online private tuitions enable rapid progress. The courses are more productive and more topics can be covered in an hour. There are no distractions, as soon as the class has started, you get right to the point and stay focused.

Furthermore, keep in mind that the main tool is the computer. Meaning that all the Internet services as well as the collaborative documents etc. are at the disposal of both the teacher and the student. It’s an excellent way to exchange any kind of intangible resources instantly. You can receive and have access to the teacher’s documents, exercises and course content in one click, which saves a lot of time. It is as well a real plus because the student can benefit from much more material than in a regular private lesson.

Of course, all that keeping the human and personalized side of the tutoring. The human contact is very important in the learning process, it makes the relationship between the teacher and the student easier.

5. The attractive price of online tuitions

The price of online tuitions is one of the main benefits. In fact, it is more attractive than homeschooling. First and foremost, you save money on the transportation. But if the costs of the commute are reduced down to zero for the student, they are as well for the teacher who will, therefore, lower down his prices.

To recap, taking online tuitions has many benefits. It is more interactive, productive, flexible and you save time and money, which is not insignificant. All that without lowering the quality of education. So no more excuses, let’s start taking online tuitions!